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now. let's lookout side and it is a rather steamy start clouds rolling in a chance of rain. we do know it is a thursday morning july 28th, in the year 2011 glad you are with us. >> i am steve. >> i am alison seymour. >> breaking news involving the red skins turns out albert haines worth will not report to training can after all he is reportedly no longer part of the red skins, he has been traded to the patriots for a fifth round draft pick in 2013. >> he didn't report when he was with the red skins did he? >> he said he was going to be there they stopped him and said head north. >> all right. >> let's take to tucker good morning. >> good morning steve that is big news. i don't know what to make of it. >> do i need to console you. >> i am not sure clouds on the
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increase, storms to the south and west, partly to mostly cloudy day, temperatures expected to be in the 90s. a shower or two later this afternoon. cloud cover off to the north partly sunny morning here in the immediate washington area. notice pittsburgh, portions of ohio, shower and thunderstorm activity, possible some of that could slip in during the course to have day with the cloud cover temperatures will be held back a little bit yesterday we were thinking mid-90s now we are thinking low to mid-90s temperatures a few degrees cooler, regan national, 79 degrees, 79, 66 frederick, 63 winchester, 71 at the naval air station your forecast today more clouds and sun showers this afternoon generally speaking a dry day with a high
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temperature of 91 degrees still looking at a lot of heat around here on friday, on time traffic and julie. >> travelling along new york avenue at montana we had problem with the signal lights lanes are open once again. pace not bad azure travel through northeast and northwest lanes are open inbound 50, traffic slowing at 202, headed into northeast, meanwhile westbound on the freeway, headed to the out bound 14th street bridge stalled car main avenue tieing up the left side of the highway. fair oaks cleared eastbound traffic to monassis approaching the belt way. that is a check of your fox 5 on time traffic. now to the debt debate on the hill with the deadline rapidly approaching congress headed towards to vote to raise
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the nations debt ceiling. >> doug luzader explains more from capitol hill. >> president obama has promised to veto what the house may do today, many republic cabs think he is -- republicans think he is bluffing. the political world revolves around john boehner. he is starting to win over deficit hawks. >> it is a step in the right direction i think it is good we get a pass >> while they may get a pass in the house democrats say the plan is dead on arrival in the senate. there may be chunks in the armor. >> magic can happen here in congress in a short period of time. >> president obama has been largely relegated to the sidelines publicly some in his own party urge him to bypass the whole pros is, skip congress and cite the 14th
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amendment of the constitution which says the validity of public debt shall not be questioned. >> he should sign an executive order envoking the 14th amendments to this issue. while some is not on anyone's side, some now question. >> there is no escaping that, there are no off ramps people keep looking for off ramps they don't exist. >> assuming that deadline is correct congress is in for a very long weekend. in washington doug luzader, fox news. the debt debate is also having an effect on state government, maryland and virginia are two of the states warned. more from audrey barnes. good morning audrey. >> reporter: good morning alison. just like you might use a credit card to fund a big purchase the state has also asked for credit to fund big
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projects they might ask investors for money with promise to pay them back with interest their bond rating like your credit score determines how much interest they will pay. the second phase of this dulles rail line could be hurt by a higher interest rate. fairfax county needs to maintain its bond rating in january to get some renovation projects through and a new police station. potentially we would have to look at all the items financed to be part of that bond fail. >> it will have a corrosive effect on the state's fiscal legislation and it is very difficult to get that trust and credibility back once you lose it. >> you can see, not just federal lawmakers on capitol hill are watching this debt deal and whether or not it goes
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through. some states have big stakes on the line too. back to you in studio. >> thank you very much in our next hour, author and pulitzer prize winner stuart diamond joins us to talk about how democrats and republicans can come up with a deal. >> as a park shut down of faa enters its sixth day, the irf says plane tickets purchased before the airline had to stop collecting ticket taxes may be entitled to a refund of the taxes they paid. still no progress to end the progress between the senate and house. harry reed says he hasn't taken steps to force the vote the aid said reed wants to keep the senate clear. a look at this mornings other stop stories, newly
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released surveillance pictures they are hoping will track down a serial slasher he targeted women at fair oaks mall, tyson center and green briar all victims are women in their teens and early 20s the man distracts them in stores, cuts their backsides then takes off. if you recognize the man in these pictures call fairfax county police. steve. >> mount rainier police officer being held without bond on attempted murder and sex offence charges. gillette lured a man to his home to be in a porn movie but he shot him several times when he tried to escape. the defense says gillette is the victim anything else that happened was consensual they added gillette has done this before another case is under investigation. the son of dc councilman marion barry pled guilty to
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drug charge it is 31-year-old admitted to possession of marijuana and pcp. officers found drugs inside his home in may barry jumped out the window and ran when officers arrived. still no sign of a virginia man missing nearly three weeks now 29-year-old oscar monaano was last seen leaving his construction job in tyson's corner the minivan he drove turned up a week after his disappearence, three days afterhe left the job site. >> i don't want to think nothing bad but what happens, he is not here now, something strange happened to him. hundreds of people have joined the facebook page help find oscar a fairfax county detective is assigned to the
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case categorized as missing person's there is no sign of a crime. breaking headlines, three star army general accused of having soldiers use mind games on u.s. senators cleared of wrong doing. caldwell was investigated after a february article in rolling stone magazine brought allegations to light it said the so called operation -- psychological operations were used to try to get senators to support the war in afghanistan. attorney general holder, scheduled to meet with 9/11 family members concerned over allegations news of the world offered to pay for private phone records of victims of the terror attacks in the u.s. a new york attorney said he and 20 family members will make recommendations to the justice department regarding possible actions the government could take to investigate this story. fox 5 is owned by news corp. the same parent company as news
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of the world. >> now to the massacre in norway as we get a look at some of the surveillance video, showing the bomb blast in central oslo, the camera was rolling during the first part of last friday's attacks the car bomb exploding in front of government buildings, people shopping inside a store, the suspect in the attack confessed to killing 68 more people at a camp on an island 25 miles away. he had been shooting for an hour when police finally arrived officers say both engines stalled on the way and they had to wait for back up he surrendered immediately when police approached they almost shot him but stopped because they thought he might be wearing a vest packed with explosives. >> fighting crime in one of dcs popular night life areas what police are doing in an effort to make streets safer there. more on the breaking news involving albert haines worth, he has been traded now for the break to talk about
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developments and we might share facebook comments keep them coming folks. >> a live lookout side we are going to get the latest weather and traffic, tucker and julie will have that coming up next 
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prince georges county police, two men they thought were responsible for stealing copper they are con fact workers for pep cobut -- contract workers for pep cothey were found stealing copper wire on the job. they have been arrested in connection with the theft and sale of over $70,000 worth of copper. steve. a major push under way to curb crime in one popular dc night life spot. now operation adams morgan kicked off with more police
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officers patrolling clubs and restaurants last weekend this weekend all the parking along 18th street, columbia road to kalarama will be shut down the fire marshall will check clubs for over crowding and crews will be looking out for illegally parked cars on side streets. >> an inmate who got himself out on bond is back behind bars. >> in florida, this man, larry stone discovered his inmate account was being credited twice for incomplete calls he apparently made 77 calls and hung up over a four hour period more than enough to rack up $1,250 able to post bail. it was only a few hours before he was arrested. >> so suppose you use all those smarts for good. >> it was. back behind bars. >> not that. back where he belongs. >> not clever enough. >> hey, good morning alison.
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>> good to see you. >> can't wait to hear more about the red skins. >> i can't either. >> our forecast, i will let you know, afternoon hours temperatures in the 90s. more cloud cover than we were anticipating yesterday. storms across the mid-section of the country sat lead radar, high, thin -- satellite radar, high, thin clouds mostly cloudy afternoon if possible shower activity up there, towards pittsburgh, might make it into the area today, a few showers, chance for a shower, north and west of the city, out into the mountains of maryland. let's get down to tropical storm dawn. maximum winds, 45 miles per hour the tract, moving west, northwest, 10 miles per hour this will make land fall in the u.s. late in the week. late friday, early saturday,
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across into texas, also, intensify into a strong, tropical storm we have been mentioning all morning this part of the world has been dry last several months this could be a new storm across portions of mexico and southern texas. watch don as it moves across the warm water. 91 this afternoon, lookout heat advisory, hot and sticky weekend at least saturday things will start to cool by sunday and monday. >> all right. >> very dry. very hot. >> maybe just got what they need and nothing more. >> before we talk about the red skins, traffic hey, julie. >> all right you guys a lot going on this morning if you are travelling along 270 lanes are open german town lane divide, west of 270, diamond back checking for a stalled car there, and 355, we have reports of a stalled car in the roadway here as you work past the car dealership no incidents from
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this camera angle southbound side of the highway south on 95, icc work zone, 66 from the break to monassis that is a check of your fox 5 on time traffic. training camp starts today for the red skins. >> a lot of movement off the field this week and that includes today. dave ross here to talk about the latest developments, 330 pounds of them >> we don't have albert haines worth to kick around any more. >> i was saying to steve he wasn't going to show top day because he was traded he didn't show up last year. >> we asked his agent hey, is albert going the show up he said of course he is, why wouldn't he. dare we even ask. he doesn't have a great track record yeah, interesting 6:30 a.m. he was going to report to camp he was playing chicken with the
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red skins saying look i am going to show up and you are going to pay me if you don't pay me you better trade me someone else can pay me that is what they did. this deal is a fifth round pick doesn't look great it is for 2013 you will have to wait to get the value associated with this trade but the bottom line is that he is gone the distraction is over. no body else has to answer any questions we don't have to ask him any more, you see there the file from last year when he couldn't pass the conditioning test remember that, just one year ago we know what the drama and headaches associated with albert haines worth now patriots have them. guys like moss and dillon and they have a pretty good track record when it comes to that. the good news for red skins fans, see we talked about this last hour we are not hearing any budging on the money red skins are off the hook for $5.5 million this year with the new
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cva ratified monday and tuesday $5.5 million they can spend good news for them you have to get to $120 million every team has to pay that, patriots choosing to pay that to hints worth. facebook, twitter. >> you want to see comments. >> let's do it. >> couldn't happen to a nicer guy although i do feel sorry for the patriots. >> sarcasm. >> i don't feel sorry for the patriots. >> they know what they are getting. >> i think it is from love and love posted yes, we finally got rid of unwanted weight she says. lol. i feel a good season coming not everyone feels that way. >> joseph said they did him a favour sending him to a super bowl level team. that is why the skins haven't
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won. >> two distractions we would have talked about for the next week done von mcnabb it will be official today or tomorrow and haines worth i have to give kudos to mike shanahan. we no longer have those distractions. that will yet be played out we will find out but they did get rid of two things they had to get rid of haines worth and they created the other one trading for mcnabb they have gotten rid of both of them. they said this off season we have made our mistakes we have to live from them learn from them and move on they have officially moved on from the two big ones mcnabb and haines worth. >> there is bitterness among fans you see these guys distractions to the team go on to better teams. >> the money makes me -- >> mess with us here and why should you get the glory >> i understand that sure that is a fair point the bott testimony line it wasn't going -- bottom line it wasn't going to work here. it wasn't fitting in washington
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dc for whatever reason we will find out if they can make it fit. >> i mean, do we -- okay who do we get? >> well, we've got some players that -- >> are we looking at -- >> do you mean like now? yesterday? >> we know who we get rid of. >> conditional picks later on. in two years we will have this conversation. >> when we have won the super bowl. >> well, that's right. >> stay tuned as they say. >> okay. thank you so very much always good to talk a little red skins we will talk a little more about who they picked up. >> there is some hope. >> that is all i need to hear. on this thursday morning, as the temperatures get ready to rise again metro still trying to cool off several stations and the transit agency rolling out some pretty big improvements trying to fix esculators. >> plus local kids exploring their imaginations, that is a
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wonderful thing doing that at a thingamajig convention, convention. i can't even say it. it is happening today in upper marlboro. holly is there we will check with her when fox 5 morning news continues see you soon? >> absolutely. >> 7:22 a.m. 
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7:26 a.m., fox 5 is monitoring metro and the latest on a chill their has left it sweltering hot. crews have been working overtime to try to get it fix. archives is being cooled but they are still working on getting the cooler fixed for the other two stations. a big improvement that bethesda station should make the commute a little less of a hassle the agency says it will replace the stations entrance esculators not until the year 2014. the esculators are working now but last week all three failed,
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forcing passengers to walk up the steps. metro taking some steps deal with extra traffic that will soon come to the alexandria area thanks to the move of 6,000 government workers, relocating from crystal city to marks center. the new bus route starts august 8th. 7:27 a.m. on thursday morning painful day on wall street stocks tumble as no debt deal is in sight. >> pressure heating up on capitol hill house democrats are calling on president barack obama to temporarily extend the debt ceiling we will sit down with two former congressmen for more incite on the debt debate taking over washington. >> also as we head to break, let's lookout side, traffic by the pentagon, 395, we have the latest weather and traffic coming up next. there is your just inbieber  [ child's voice ] ooh, that looks good.
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[ child's voice ] can i have some? [ child's voice ] you guys should rock, paper, scissors for it. one-two-three-shoot. one-two-three-shoot. i win! oh, man. [ muffled ] congratulations. [ male announcer ] get your own subway® bbq pulled pork sub. slow-cooked pork with bold barbecue sauce. people turned out for the 85th an july pony swim they swam from as too go island
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maryland to chincoteague. all right. >> what a sight. >> and a great day yesterday. tucker, we talked mid- afternoon, going outside it felt like it was -- we were back in may or april compared to temperatures and humidity we have had lately. >> the high back in the 90s, when you take the humidity feels pretty good. >> humidity. >> that one day though. >> that was the last day of that, in fact humidity will be back today and then back in a big way tomorrow with temperature at 100. the heat the last couple days sure enough it is on the horizon it will be back later on today and particularly tomorrow. >> okay. loose clothing lots of water. >> we will have to do that all over again advisory issued for the day tomorrow. >> headlines this morning and let me let you know we have more clouds in the forecast storminess off to the north and west, and some of those clouds are kind of falling into the
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washington area, as we speak you will notice high thin clouds as you head out this morning air quality, code orange, air quality will deteriorate over the next couple days as we increase humidity and heat could be a shower, possible this afternoon we could see a few showers most of the day will be dry and then as i mentioned humidity returns, i think you will notice this afternoon, back in a big way tomorrow with heat, high temperatures close to 100 degrees. right now regan national, 79, stuck there, temperatures warming up north and west where we fell back into the 60s not a bad start, gaithersburg burg, 72 degrees, winchester, 66, southern maryland, 72 and annapolis 77. cambridge, 76, not a bad start to the day when all is said and done, today will be fine not expecting too much in the way of heat as cloud covers hold temperatures down a little bit satellite radar when you are quiet here off to the north and
7:33 am
west pittsburgh and cleveland, we have had pretty good showers and thunderstorms blow up overnight this massive energy, shower and thunderstorm activity trying to kind of spill into the washington area, i guarantee clouds will be around for a good portion of the day it is possible a few showers could pop up north and west of town, so it won't be a perfect day but at least clouds will help pull temperatures back a little bit for you. mostly cloudy, passing shower possible, code orange air quality, 91 your daytime high winds out of the south 5 miles per hour, later tonight, early, cloudy and muggy overnight 79 overnight low wind shifting out of the the south tomorrow a lot of heat high tomorrow hot and humid 100 degrees tomorrow and right now the weekend generally looks like could be late storms on saturday, plans go for it on the hot side saturday and sunday well into the 90s. that is a look at your forecast on time traffic and julie had her hands full. >> we have problems travelling
7:34 am
southbound 95 in maryland working your way between 216, the problem at the icc work zone the pavement has been milled but repaved. that is what is contributing to this delay. 212, 15 minute drive, bw parkway, 198 and 197. to the roads, word of a serious crash along 650, new hampshire avenue, here in the distance you can see the flashing lights of the police vehicles that blocked the roadway this will be shut down until further notice again this is the southbound side of new hampshire avenue, until further notice with an ongoing accident investigation northbound side of the highway right now i don't see anybody coming through at this point we will keep an eye on it for you. if you are travelling on the other side of town 395, coming across the 14th street bridge. belt way to seminary road.
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across the potomac. >> thank you very much washington's debt deal keeps on stalling. stocks tumbled yesterday almost 200 points suffering the worst date of 800 weeks, dow plummeting 198 and some points biggest one day drop since last month. nasdaq up 2.5% down more than 75 points and s&p down 27 points meantime some house democrats putting the pressure on president obama to envoke the county institution totem rarely extend the debt ceiling the white thousands will not use the 14th amendment to stave off default but it may be the on inside former members of congress, marty russo, democrat from illinois and doug walker from pennsylvania, guys welcome back good to see you. >> you too. >> seems like yesterday we were talking with you about what is happening and the fact that some body had to blink in this or we would be in a bad
7:36 am
situation that was a month ago and things have not changed much bob what is going on. >> well, they have had some movement, it appears as though the boehner bill, the boehner approach will probably come up in the house today, and will pass that doesn't do anything more than indicate the house has another position that they will send over to the senate, but there have been some bipartisan discussions between house and senate that if the boehner bill does in fact make it out of the house the senate would consider it seriously, but whether they have the votes in the senate no body knows. >> do you believe that marty? >> well, like you said we have been talking about this for about a month, many opinions about what is going to happen in washington, people listening to the show and reading newspapers one thing that has been missing bob since january, is no body has been talking about a pro growth strategy i think that is why you see the dow in the trouble it is in
7:37 am
today no pod diis talking about how -- no body is talking about what do we do to give confidence to business, business sitting on $2.3 trillion in cash. they are not spending it not creating jobs, not manufacturing more goods the reason is they are uncertain about our future no body laid out what are we going to do about creating jobs, deficit reduction eliminates jobs not create jobs, so i would like to see some step up to the plate and say look we need a long term pro growth strategy to get this economy moving. all we keep talking about is deficit reduction a deal will happen it won't be the deal that could have happened, $4 trillion republican freshman don't know how the declare victory and leave, gerry cassidy and my old pal used to say to me when someone says jeff is in the room you shut up and get out of the room when president obama says i want a
7:38 am
$4 trillion deal they should have shut up and taken the deal >> i agree republicans need to declare a victory here i disagree disagree they have not come up with a strategy. they are dealing with problems of over regulation over litigation and have those in the senate they have not moved in the senate for months and the republicans have been very much focused on pro growth everybody who looks at this seriously understands you cannot work your way out of this deficit and debt problem unless you have significant economic growth, that is how we did it in the late 90s it was not a government spending program that worked us out of our problems in the late 90s it was in fact, a massive infusion of new growth in the economy largely because of the beginnings of information economy and information revolution that is where we need to get nit, that kind of
7:39 am
growth. >> the longer this debate continues and closer we get to the deadline is there a better chance of this becoming a short term fix at this time just to reach some type of agreement. >> in large part that is what the boehner stratose is. go to a -- strategy is, go to a short term fix now and come back to it early next year. >> that is the last thing the white house wants. >> that is a political decision there is very little difference between harry reed's cuts. >> there is little difference in the end. >> you can trek it so you can get $2.7 trillion in cuts they want to vote on it twice look at the trouble we have gone through since january until now trying to get a debt limit passed you want to put that as a major part in a presidential election same problem, same uncertainty, same lack of confidence not wanting to go forward at least what reed does he all most gets the same amount of cuts, maybe different
7:40 am
areas, but the difference it puts it off after the election. >> the reed cuts are largely smoke and mirrors. >> come on. >> no, -- >> you know you guys say that all the time. >> the cuts from either side came out -- [ overlapping voices ] >> the difference is, that there are discretionary cuts immediately, under the bay forapproach and so on, that have a roll out effect, much of the brief proposal is in the out years, very much in the way of the cuts here but the real issue here is that that is a political decision here on behalf of the administration and harry reed they want to get past the election want to give a blank check to the president between now and the election. that is something unacceptable to the republicans one reason why we still have a problem on capitol hill. >> let me ask you is this something we have been arguing
7:41 am
on the hill they have been arguing for a month it will continue up until monday. let me ask you from your decades of experience the two of you spent on the hill right now congress' approval rating is hitting an all time low one poll had it at 6% does that come into play when you are in congress on the hill and you realize that you have six out of 100 people saying you are doing a good job does that help spur you get something done or do you just not pay attention to that? >> i think mostly you pay attention to what constituents are saying most members try to stay in touch with what constituents are saying here is the problem, this deficit, or this debt problem is not just going to effect the federal government it will effect state government, it will effect every individual in america, the mortgages, credit cards, education, everybody is going to be touched by this. this is one of the most unamerican acts i have seen in all my years in washington if you really care about the american people, you need to get this done, because you are
7:42 am
going to make every american suffer so you maybe want to punish the government you don't like the government but you are punishing every american you know they can't be a democracy from outside there is no way our enemies can defeat it from the outside if we continue to be dysfunctional we may destroy democracy from within >> i don't think we ought to describe unamericannism to these things but there is no doubt government at the present time is dysfunctional i think that is the response to the american people on this what they see is a lot of arguing not much action in congress. a lot of this could have been solved, had the senate passed a budget the way in which we used to handle the debt limits in the past was we passed budgets, the debt limit passes the budget. without a budget from the senate we have been unable to move past the policy questions that relate to debt and
7:43 am
deficit. >> we will pass a budget. >> appreciate that gentlemen always a pleasure hope to see you soon back with fox 5 morning news after this, 7:42 a.m. now 
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7:46 a.m. tucker is back with our forecast we are back into the soup. >> humidity on the increase back in that steam heat not so much today but tomorrow, it returns for a couple days. >> gearing up to the big day. >> that's right we have done it before several time this is year, nothing new for us. let's get to numbers, satellite radar let's start with that want to show you cloud cover that is moving in from the north and west likely see more cloudsun today, we have a little sun out there, high thin clouds moving in, not far away, it is possible we could see a few showers temperatures expected to be in the low 90s. all right let's talk about the heat building there you go. heat, all summer long extraordinary out to our west yesterday wichita 110, actual air temperature yesterday afternoon and once again that
7:47 am
area of the heat will move east, and by tomorrow afternoon our actual air temperature will approach 100 heat index 105 plus. heat advisories around here during the day tomorrow be ready for a few hot ones, starting particularly tomorrow afternoon. 91 this afternoon, yes, possibly a few showers later today, hot tomorrow and then the weekend hot and steamy, certainly on saturday, late day storms on saturday and a little cooler and dryer on sunday but again, no real cool down in sight. >> it is what it is. >> end of july. >> thank you. >> let's check with julie. >> all right you guys serious crash now in montgomery county closed off a portion of new hampshire avenue each direction, if you look closely in the distance you can see the flashing lights reconstruction team has been called out to the scene we are getting report that is apparently one person was ejected from a vehicle that was involved in this crash. the information is coming in we will give it to you when we get it but what we need to know as
7:48 am
far as traffic goes right now new hampshire remains closed a reconstruction team called to the scene as well, 395, on the brink, duke to king, 14th street bridge that is a check of your fox 5 on time traffic. all about eco friendly fun as kids from across the region participate in this year's thingamajig convention convention. >> holly morris is there good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you in order to get creative juices flowing you got to get your body going as well this day also includes a fitness challenge some of my young inventors getting in an early morning run on the course live this morning upper marlboro show case arena this thingamajig convention convention is about to get started first hand we will show you creativity on display go go go go go.
7:49 am
next on fox 5 morning news stay with us 
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217th annual thingamajig convention convention is happening to day. >> holly morris at the show place arena upper marlboro maryland to learn about this year's event holly good morning. >> the only thing you have to know about this event guys, 4,000 kids are coming out today because it is so much fun. and the purveyors of the fun so to speak is ymca of greater washington they have been going it 17 years each year it just gets bigger and better, patricia taylor the director of special projects good to see you. >> you too. >> how many years have been you
7:53 am
doing this? >> i started ymca 2007. >> give people an idea what happens today. >> ymcas come together and we have other camps that come out and they kind of come out and enjoy the invention convention with all the kids, they make inventions out of recycled materials and so they come out and then just have a good time with all the different vendors, we actually come out and do different activities with the kids. >> why is it important for there to be a fitness element to have day? >> it is important because we always want the kids to remember they need to move in order to have long life and we want them to exercise and know how important it is to exercise and just do the right thing. >> so when kids leave today, what do you thing is on their mind? >> oh, they arjust thinking about thingamajig and so excited about the invention
7:54 am
convention and phd and all the other vendors they are just excited they look forward to it. >> they are already thinking what they will create next year. >> right. >> good to see you. >> there is lots of categories one of the most popular ones i am not just picking it because i think i would like it one is called trash and fashion. leila is a human resources coordinator good morning. >> good morning. >> tell me how this category works. >> we have over 100 registrations, girls from all of our different branches within ymca district they just create tonnes and tonnes of totally cool outfits ranging from newspaper to balloons to trash bags, to anything you can think of. >> because again the rules apply here everything has to be made out of resighable major -- recyclable materials you can't
7:55 am
use anything new, or kits, nothing over $20. i love the balloon dress by the way. >> let's see if we can get our models to walk the runway tell me what we are seeing here. >> first we are seeing a newspaper dress, draped in drapery and lace, this is our sun dress outfit. >> okay let me check in with the model tell me your name. >> dakota. >> what was your inspiration >> i saw it in a store and it was pretty >> you saw it in a store and recreated. >> how long did it take you? >> a long time. >> how great did you feel? >> good because i was told i look pretty. >> you look gorgeous. >> our next model. >> this is our wedding dress draped in trash bag and bubble wrap. tape along the side and down her leg if she turns around she can accent it with her bow. >> that is gorgeous. okay tell me your name.
7:56 am
>> why did you decide to do a wedding dress. >> my friend had a book and i looked inside and saw a dress like this i wanted to make it. >> look at how how do you feel in it? >> pretty comfortable. >> okay what do you thing your chances are of winning something? >> um, probably not that good >> no, you have a good chance come on everybody loves a bride. i wish i had a fashion i could take home with me from trash and fashion here is what you need to know what is this? >> this is a gift from us from a part of our fashion. >> you made this hat? my gosh and it comes with a necklace look at that. accessories too look at these bracelets and necklaces i am going to be the prettiest person here sorry bride move out of the way. just kidding. our website we have links to find out about the great things the y does on our
7:57 am
next hour the rocket launch and presidential challenge. back to you. >> thank you holly with the thingamajig you are rocking the bringamajig. >> if you diet and exercise, it is frustrating when you still pack on the pounds, it may be in your dna. >> we will check with the fox medical team to see why your genes could be the reason why you crave fatty foods. stay with us
7:58 am
7:59 am
8:00 am
five days out from the deadline lawmakers set to vote to raise the debt ceiling the president promised to veto the bill even if it goes through the senate live on the hill for what is next. >> alex trebek he is also a crime fighter and has the injuries the prove it. big news out of red skins park literally early this morning, albert haines worth
8:01 am
traded, many fans are happy the see him go some are not so excited where it is he is going. although he will be back to fedex field later this year. we will talk about that coming up i am steve. >> i am alison seymour. world colliding, sports and news. >> can't believe it. >> another hot forecast. >> yeah, today won't be terrible tomorrow will be. sorry about that. today, cloud cover, going to keep temperatures low 90s. not as nice as yesterday for sure. >> gearing up for the big bad day. >> that's right, being tomorrow friday will not be so big and bad. >> friday alison. >> softening the blow. >> satellite radar, cloud cover moving in from the north and west, you will see particularly if watching us off to the north and west, southern pennsylvania, northern maryland, thick cloud cover, high, thin cloudiness that will be with us for most of the day, i don't think it will be
8:02 am
perfectly cloudy, partly the mostly cloudy, possibility that a few hours, green and yellow on the map a few of these could sneak in here later today, regan national, 79 degrees, stuck there for a couple hours, 69% humidity on the way up winds out of the south as 3 miles per hour here is reports out today just again one or two showers developing 91 today, washington, 93 culpepper 89 annapolis, the day will not be the worst tomorrow will. let's check traffic julie good morning. >> good morning to you all, not so busy early on we are receiving word of a serious accident that remains under investigation until further notice this crash involving a person ejected from the vehicle, closes new hampshire avenue each direction, montgomery county a reconstruction team has been called to the scene this road will be shut down until further
8:03 am
notice 108 a good option off 28, use that as a work around 29 is available as well as university boulevard depending where you are travelling to and from until further notice new hampshire avenue at ednor remains closed other side of town the outer loop, van dooren street, headed out to telegraph road, i-95, traffic volume so heavy coming across, 395 delays, king street crossing over the 14th street bridge coming from the west, 66th delays now we mean business, 234 all the way in toward the capitol belt way 50 hip minute drive with lanes open. thank you very much today is the day red skins training camp gets under way but albert haines worth will not be there early this morning he was traded to the new england patriots for a draft pick a couple years from now.
8:04 am
dave joins us with more you said earlier if you get a ham sandwich for him you are in good shape. >> that's right. get it in two years. >> you are good at the analysis i will take the math here i just tweeted this, his time with the red skins, haines worth earned almost $5 million per sack and earned more than $600,000 for every tackle he made on the field. >> that is a good living, i mean that is a limited productivity if you want to call that productive. >> he will not earn anything else. >> patriots on the hook for the remander. >> are you shocked by it? >> not really they have history of taking in troubled guymaking that work. i think the big thing is with the new cba they had to spend $120 million just like every other team in the national football league including the red skins, they chose to pick up the remainder of his contract it doesn't surprise me that much, giving up a fifth round pick in 2013 is not a big
8:05 am
risk the reward could be very good. we know what he can do when properly motivated that is why he got $100 million when he came here as the highest paid defensive tackle in the history of football, so, we will find out if patriots can get him to play but mark these dates on your calendar, december 11, new england patriots come to fedex field that will be fun they will have signs out for that one december 24th, minnesota comes to fedex field that of course we are talking about mcnabb who might be the quarterback out there minnesota. fascinating we haven't started camp yet already we are talking about haines worth and mcnabb coming back to fedex field. >> haines worth, one of the years coming up he has a basalry of 23 to $29 million. >> again he was going to get paid that is why he was going to show up today and they said no, good riddance. someone else can pay you. >> real quick, with him gone
8:06 am
now, with mcnabb gone does that make the red skins better? >> absolutely distractions there for those two were too big to handle again, talking to players this week steve they didn't want to talk about either one of those guys they knew they were not going to be around. i talked to chris last night. he just rolls his eyes when you bring up haines worth. you know these guys are tired of talking about it what i'm sorry can they say. facebook -- what else can they say. facebook comments. finally the big fat turd got the boot a bit harsh. >> those are ones we can use. >> yes, and we have others i am sure he is just as glad to be gone he is going to a better team and has the the possibility to make it to the playoffs. that wasn't going to happen here in dc. >> harshness here
8:07 am
>> i give props to bruce alan and mike shanahan getting rid to have two big distractions. >> start fresh and see how it goes, 100 degrees first day of camp >> i will be there tomorrow. >> thank you alison back over to you. >> the debt debate, senate democrats say there is no way to support the republican plan in the house later today they are voting on boehners proposal but more than 50 senators signed a letter promising to oppose the house plan more from audrey barnes live on capitol hill good morning. >> reporter: good morning alison. less than a week to go until the treasury department deadline the parties are stick struggling to find come prose -- still struggling to find compromise, they need the find agreement, so it will not have a devastating effect on the nations and even the world's economy, house speaker boehner has a vote on his original plan, gop critics are lining up
8:08 am
against it nonpartisan congressional annulis said his measure would cut less spending than expected while democrats say house speaker wasting his time with short term measure he does seem to have one over some republicans. shifted to leaning, yes, from leaning no, and that really is you don't let the perfect get in the way of the doable. >> speakers plan is on life support and it is time for him to pull the plug. >> don't anyone ever think we will be left only with the boehner plan it is not a solution and it will not pass. every democratic senator will vote against it. >> the world stock market are really watching what is happening in this debate and so far it is not been good for them they have been dropping during the fight for a debt deal later the day the house will be voting on speaker boehner's plan live on capitol hill, audrey barnes, fox 5 news. >> thank you the debt debate is having an effect on state government maryland and
8:09 am
virginia two that have been warned. just like you, might use a credit card to buy things local governments take out credit too to finance big projects they ask investors for money and prompt promise to pay them back with interest their bond rating like your credit score determines how much interest they will pay a credit down grade would effect maryland and transportation projects in virginia the second phase to have dulles rail line could be hurt and fairfax county needs to sell bonds in january for school renovationpolice station. >> we would have the look at all of the items that would be financed, as part of that bond sale to sew if we could still afford to do all of those things. >> it will have a corrosive effect on the state's fiscal reputation and it is very difficult to get that trust and credibility back once you lose it. >> maryland and virginia have posed ties to the federal
8:10 am
government. wondering why they can't get a deal worked out an expert negotiator with tips on how lawmakers might better work together if any lawmakers are watching keep it tuned here. >> tropical trouble headed towards texas more on don's path when we come back 9 minutes after the hour .
8:11 am
8:12 am
8:13 am
tropical storm don is barreling towards texas. expected to make land fall tomorrow could bring up to 2 inches of rain, winds sustained 60 miles an hour when it hits land fall forecasters say that won't be enough to end a serious drought in texas. don is not expected to reach hurricane strength that is a good thing. >> yes, it is. we will keep an eye on that of course. 8:13 a.m., we turn our attention to tucker and a little wonderful thing we do here on the morning show. >> yeah, that time of day let's get to it. cuteness factor of the day
8:14 am
not me, that would be london everyone. >> hello. >> this is london everybody having fun, at water country usa in williams burg. >> so great. >> that is a fun place. >> i haven't been there yet. >> you got to take the girls it is awesome. >> great way to beat the heat >> you want to be there when it is not too crowded. >> look how fearless she is. >> big floatingly saturday i think it might be a turtle. >> i think it is. >> turtle. >> adorable whatever it is she is adorable. >> look at her cute face. >> all right, send your child's picture go to click on the morning tab london you got the right idea lots of pool time next couple days temperatures once again on the hot side, low 90s by tomorrow, close to 100. right now regan nationallings
8:15 am
79 degrees, 68 frederick. in win chester, very comfortable 64 degrees. looking at our sentinel radar here, a couple features i want to point out, pittsburgh and cleveland, shower storm activity, trying to take you to washington area i don't think showers will likely get here, but the cloud cover will. look for more clouds than sun. still kind of a typical summertime day highs low 90s more humidity than yesterday and some of the cloudiness will blow into the washington area. could be showers as well. best chance of that will be north and north and west of city, five day forecast, 91 this afternoon, not cool off overnight, lows near 80 lookout tomorrow near 100 degrees. air temperature, heat index, approaching 105 to 110. heat advisories around here, hot and sticky, saturday does, maybe late storms a little cooler and dryer sunday and
8:16 am
monday. >> let's lock at your weather forecast more details in a minute, let's do traffic. julie. all right tucker we are talking about the west haven, 95 at the icc work zone the roadway has not been repaved that is keeping you on the brakes, travelling from 216 a serious crash to report a fatal accident under investigation it closes a portion of new hampshire avenue here. traffic each direction will be diverted off by police, also travelling in from the north 108 could save you time or combination of 28 and 198 could save time as well. using that as the alternate routes, lengthy investigation expected, expect to find new hampshire avenue closed off until further notice. >> outer loop, van dooren, 395 on the brink, pentagon to the 14th street bridge that is a check of your fox 5 on time traffic. more now on our top story, the debt debate, in americans
8:17 am
are frustrated with lawmakers, they wonder why they can't get a deal to work out on this. joining us with more on what needs to be done mr. diamond knows all about the importance of negotiation, he is the new york times best selling author of getting more how to negotiate to succeed in work and life and a pulitzer prize winner professor at war ton school of business who is this book for who can get something from it? >> this is for everyone who has interaction with somebody else it says people and emotions are much more important than power and logic in getting what you want a new model of negotiation your effective, based on 30,000 people i have taught in 45 countries. >> asen expert negotiator you have to be pulling your hair out watching what is going on. >> you bet. >> what do you see as the big glaring red flags stopping us. >> the two parties are conflicted they have a conflict
8:18 am
tiff not a collaborative model how to deal with others that means they will not get a deal. too late already they are not focused on their goals they need to forget spend and cut at this point, and focus on the real goal, to prevent the u.s. economy going into tanks or default, and a rise in interest rates. they should raise the debt ceiling, temporarily, with no strings attached, perhaps until the end of the year and then borrow the money they need through selling t bills here and overseas then start small and incrementally all over again, start being the things that they each agree on, and build up from there. >> interesting because i am looking at you trying to get you to wear both your hats you are doing that perfectly business side and nee bore crating side want to hit on points in an article you wrote how maybe we can get to an agreement here you say of course they are going about this the entirely wrong way,
8:19 am
they are sniping at each other. >> right how do you get some body to agree with you if you demonize them every other minute not the way to get an agreement with anybody blaming people for yesterday we don't have time to worry about yesterday we have to save the economy. each 1% increase in interest rates will cost us millions of jobs more than all the jobs we have lost from the recession a few interest rates we are talking millions of jobs. >> you say cool down the emotional rhetoric, it is just way up high. >> they are not thinking straight, especially close to a deadline, people get emotional, a deal at a deadline, even if they reach some kind of slap together deal, there will be months of second guessing, recriminations, what they have done the lewis, standard and 4s ratings, co-operative between
8:20 am
one another, there is no evidence that is going on. >> take incremental steps and get some help if some body else can help you like yourself with other ideas, fresh ideas. >> people that are not so close to it, not so emotional cities and states around the country, offered incentives as a percent of the savings to produce good ideas, a lot of smart people in this country, a lot of waste beginning on in the country that will be identified, those are the kind of things you want to start with, even if they are able to increase the rating, you work together i have to reschedule that debt >> talk to credit agencies and others who deal with this on a smaller basis. >> right, starts with an attitude, they have to say this is our country, it is not the party, but the country we've got to save that is what we pay them for. >> what are the real ramifications for each and everyone of us if this deal doesn't get done. >> right for each 1% extra in
8:21 am
interest, it will cost $143 billion a year which is more than the cost of all the 3.6 million jobs lost in the recession. rippling throughout the economy, there will be fewer jobs, much less money to spend on growth, less money for municipalities and states, i don't thing people yet appreciate the negative impact of this, we saw recession, recession is child's play, compare to what he we are going to see tuesday. >> getting more the new book by stuart diamond, again for wearing both your hats as a negotiator and business person as well steve over the you. >> 8:21 a.m. thursday morning alex trebek not just a game show host but a crime fighter. >> in our next half hour back out live to the thingamajig invention convention for a look
8:22 am
at creations the youngsters have come up with this morning g
8:23 am
8:24 am
game show host turns into a brazen crime fighter. >> yeah, he slipped up and hurt
8:25 am
himself. lauren green has the story. >> legendary game show host, alex trebek on crutches in california hosting the national geography -- questions as usual, jeopardy host answered. >> the answer is, at 2:30 yesterday morning, chasing a burglar down the hall, at my san francisco hotel, until my achilless tendon ruptured. >> that burglar broke into trebek 's hotel room at this bay area marriott he heard someone rifling through his suitcase >> i fell in a heap bruising my other league in the process. >> trebek hobbled back to his room >> i called security and gave them a good description of the woman. >> the suspect was apprehended
8:26 am
by security inside the hotel. >> suspect is 56-year-old lucinda moyers she stole a purse and his wallet. she has been booked on burglary charges. >> he lost something sentimental in the process >> we got most of our stuff back kept for the one piece of jewellery i ever wear a bracelet my mother gave me many years ago. >> the 71-year-old will have surgery friday and be in a cast several weeks he was recently honored with a career achievement award at daytime emmy's for hosting jeopardy since 1984, in new york lauren green fox news. all right 8:26 a.m., on this thursday morning they say 9/11 changed their lives forever. >> it changed my whole life changed my perspective, my whole -- i don't even think i would be the way i am today if this didn't happen to me.
8:27 am
coming up emotional stories from teenagers forced to cope after losing a loved one to terrorism. >> then if you owe dc money for parking or traffic tickets now may be a good time to pay up more on the amnesty program when fox 5 morning news returns. 8:26 a.m. [ female announcer ] every box of general mills big g cereals
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can help your kids' school get extra stuff. ♪ like musical instruments. ♪ and new art supplies. ♪ because they're the only cereals with box tops for education. last year, schools earned over ten million dollars from big g cereals. you can raise money for your kids' school. look for this logo... only on big g cereals. you can make a difference. every cereal box counts.
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8:30 am
do you have any outstanding parking or traffic tickets? now is the way that you can save a little money on the fine if you pay up dc department of motor vehicles offering a temporary amnesty program tucker pay older tickets without paying the extra late penalty program begins august 1st, continues through january 27th. a nice long period of time parking tickets moving violations photo enforcement tickets issued before january 1st, 2010. dc hopes to bring in $6 million
8:31 am
in fees. >> yep. that is pretty good. >> you just pay the actual ticket price. >> no worse feeling in the world than the boot. >> the boot. please. >> i have never gotten a boot. >> you haven't? i have. >> i have friends have. >> i have not got one in dc but in college i would get it all the time. >> i would get a ticket on my windshield it is a stinky feeling. >> pay up. >> 100 degrees today we have amnesty from it. >> we will give him the boot if he keeps it up >> you guys are on today. tomorrow you will want to give me the boot temperatures will be near 100 today not as bad get into the afternoon low 90s. kind of typical summer time weather expected for another afternoon. currently, 81 degrees, 81 washington let's see, annapolis, back low 60s. i think your overnight low was
8:32 am
63 or so. that is not bad, 77 winning number, quantico, fredericks burg highs later today mentioned low 90s cloud cover off to the north and west hold temperatures back a little bit morning satellite radar looking quiet nothing going on at the moment, off towards the west pretty good round of showers and thunderstorms, surprisingly developed across portions of the upper midwest and that has been falling into ohio and michigan western pennsylvania and thinking is the cloud cover associated with this will start to make its way to washington area. after a little sunshine mostly cloudy, you will probably see sunshine, particularly if you are far south and south and east of the city it is possible a few showers could sneak into washington area, i think the best chance of that will be north and west of the city later today. that is today's weather let's talk about tomorrow and beginning of the weekend here we go, the heat dome is back 110 the actual air temperature
8:33 am
in wichita yesterday, 110 that heat will spread east by tomorrow afternoon our heat index will be just like last friday, 105 plus and looking at potential for dangerous heat. get ready for likely more heat advisories tomorrow and again in a couple days where we will have the suffocating heat in washington area before we get a cool down. five day forecast, 91 this afternoon, 79 tonight, muggy overnight, hot and humid, 100 your daytime high not much improvement, cooling thunderstorms late in the day saturday and saturday night will usher in cooler air. alison back to you. thanks tuck. 8:33 a.m. let's look at the mornings top stories two women recovering after being stabbed last night in northeast this happened edge wood street both suffered
8:34 am
nonlife threatening injuries one was taken to hospital no word on a suspect or motive. >> major crackdown if crime means big changes for a popular dc night club spot. operation adams morgan kicked off, more officers patrolling clubrestaurants, and starting this weekend no parking 18th shut down 10:00 p.m. to 5:00 a.m. and fire marshall checking clubs for over crowding. >> fairfax county police released two new pictures of a suspected serial slasher investigators say this man has cut at least five young women he hit the fair oaks mall, tyson's corner center and green briar shopping center police say the man preys on women in their teens or early 20s distracts them then cuts their backsides then takes off if you recognize this man contact police. they are the youngest victims of for or, united states and abroad. >> even though they live worlds
8:35 am
apart they share a common bond and are spending time together in virginia this week. >> reporter: francesca had just turned 9 the apple of her fathers eye >> he was the best dad ever. we did everything together. i was his little princess. >> reporter: the fairy tale ended 9/11 her dad worked in the world trade centre he did not make it out >> it changed my whole life. it changed my whole perspective i don't thing i would be the way i am today if this didn't happen to me i would be a completely different person. >> reporter: she certainly would not be sitting here. >> on a panel in middleburg virginia the school is hosting a camp called project common bond young people you see at this table are connected each one has lost a close family member to terrorism. >> i have made the most amazing friends i have ever made in my entire life these people are truly understanding they know
8:36 am
exactly how i feel. >> they dance create art work and talk about finding peace in a divided world. >> just something to say, the most experience i have ever had. >> these young people who have been through so much now face another challenge finding a way to take what they have talked about here, back to their own communities, they say that is the most difficult part of all this, and also, the most important. >> what i really take away from this, just focus on the similarities, try to ignore differences when the similarities are so much bigger and more than the differences, then there is definitely hope for a better tomorrow. >> i find all of us together we have this light within us that gives us so much strength and dignity, and i really need the
8:37 am
global leaders here we can duoout into the world and chair rush things and help others we are not necessarily the ones in dire need any more we have been there we are coming together and fighting back and trying to find peace and help others in conflict and help others to understand it can be a better world. >> in virginia, beth parker fox 5 news. thank you very much 8:37 a.m. on thursday morning we are going to reveal our job of the day when we come back. >> then more on a lawsuit against the tsa and a want to be security screener says he was discriminated against because he only has one hand. we will take a closer look at this case when we come back [ female announcer ]  they've been off limits to dieters
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8:40 am
just in good news on the economic front applications for unedmonton limit benefits dropped -- unemployment benefits dropped, they fell 24,000 a seasonally adjusted 398,000 the first time applications have fallen below 400,000 in 16 weeks. >> if you are one of the many looking for work still don't forget about our job shop our job of the day is rock creek manor a home for senior citizens they are looking for a
8:41 am
nursing assistant. candidates must have a current dc nursing aid license for more go to click on the job shop tab on the top of our home page. a new york man fighting for the right to work as a tsa security screener, he says he was denied a job at la guardia because he only has one hand. he says he passed the interview, background check and thought he passed the physical but said tsa disqualified him for the job because of his disability he is suing the transportation security administration for discrimination. >> i was hurt at first you know, disappointed i passed ever thing required they just assumed because i was born without a right hand i wouldn't be able to perform the task of the job. >> he just wants the job. the tsa said it will not comment on the case because it is a pending lawsuit but congress gave the agency leeway
8:42 am
to create physical requirements including motor skills for the job. coming up. >> is google making us what is the word? >> dumber. >> making it dumber. fox's medical team. >> i had to check. >> how technology has rewired our brains. >> these kids are all fine no rewiring. >> reporter: right good morning. these kids are amazing. take a look at this hard ware that is at stake today upper marlboro the winner of the presidential challenge will get to take this home just one of the many wonderful events going on at the thingamajig invention convention at the show place arena, upper marlboro we are live getting a wonderful preview we will talk about the importance of this event and how it will play out 
8:43 am
8:44 am
8:45 am
america, well, we just keep on getting fatter and fatter no matter how hard we try to diet
8:46 am
and exercise seems like the odds are against us what if we told you the reason may be in your genes, genes with a "g" here to tell us about it dr. mike good morning. >> hello alison how are you? >> doing okay thanks can i use this as an excuse maybe i am programmed to want fatty foods. >> alison are you of european decent? >> aren't we all a little bit? >> i suppose yes, no. >> the majority is clearly you cannot see me dr. mike. >> yes, i can't but i know you are fantastic looking, just by hearing your voice but any way, here is the deal, this study showed if you were from european decent you had a genetic predisposition, to wanting a craving fatty foods, fat like this, and also,
8:47 am
drinking alcohol. >> oh. >> how do you like that? >> well, okay. tell us more. >> what can we do to stop this? >> well, it is programmed in the brain and the researchers compared european brains to eastern cultures, asian cultures and they found that genetically, possibly because of cold weather, ice age, whatever you want to call it, it was advantageous for people to eat more fatty foods and drink alcohol, especially in winter so they would survive. now they only lived until 30 back then, but the bottom line was, that it was advantageous to do that. i will tell you alison. it is not just your brain i wish i could say it was a hormone problem your brain whatever, it is because we eat too much we don't exercise enough and we don't sleep enough all of those things lead no this country getting bigger, and bigger and bigger. >> okay so we need to ramp up those things.
8:48 am
now let's move on to what i am guilty of i need to get a quick fact i go to my smart phone the question is, is all of this easy access at our finger tips making us dumber. >> no, it is making us different what they did was, in a study just done recently they actually looked at harvard and columbia university students, and they tested them, and basically what they found was that our brain thinking processes are changing now i just want to show you something alison, now, this is a real brain >> i knew it was going toa brain. i knew it. >> because i am wearing gloves and not michael jackson. >> yeah. >> so basically, what we have here is this wonderful amazing piece of machinery, and what you are doing now and what we are seeing is that people are less likely to remember little factoids, but they are much more likely to remember how and where to get that information.
8:49 am
is that bad? i don't thing so. >> fascinating. okay now dr. mike before we let you go that is a real brain, that is not a model it is some body's -- well, may he rest in peace but a real brain. >> yes, this is the real deal basically i want to show people how amazing and wonderful, this piece of equipment is, you have to protect it, keep your blood pressure down, and you do cross word puzzles, i am much more worried about people people not using their brains and less worried about them using google. >> thank you dr. mike. >> thank you. >> steve over to you aren't we all a little european >> i think so. >> i include myself in that. >> as you should thank you very much. >> youngsters using their brains this morning, aspiring scientistengineers, upper particleboro with the
8:50 am
thingamajig invention convention good morning holly. >> reporter: good morning in its 17th year steve all the inventions here have rules they had to follow everything has to be made out of recyclable materials, spend no more than $20, no kits, some times individual, some times as a team in theory everything should be original all the 4,000 kids will display their inventions lots of fun activity that is will go on as part of the day one of those is the presidential challengedanielle griffin is the director of admission advancement tell me about the presidential challenge. >> this is an actually on the spot invention opportunity kids actually get an hour to create a product. we give them a theme every year, this happens to be the fourth year they get 5 minutes to get together in their team and talk about what they want to do and 55 minutes to create it and from there they
8:51 am
basically are presenting their inventions, name them present it to the judges and they are evaluated we have first, second and third place. >> you have a sweet trophy this year for the first time whoever wins the trophy takes it back. >> yes. >> they are inventing it, marketing it. when i was reading about this you thing this particular thing is probably the closest to a real life scenario maybe kids will find themselves in. >> kids think on the spot analyze it opportunity to work as a team because they have to work with a team of 10 kids, and a counsellor who overseas them helps with anything difficult they have to create a bunch of stuff. >> let's check with this team and see how they are doing tell me your name. >> aquila. >> so tell me what is going on here >> we have to make an energy generating playground. >> what have you come up with. >> we are doing the slide we
8:52 am
have come up with a merry-go- round, swing and slide. >> can you tell me about the designs. >> most are -- it is just mostly household stuff that is put together to make green energy for toys. >> do you thing this would be fun for kids to play on? >> yes. >> that is the key there. i will let these brilliant minds be at work remember kids keep your eye on the prize right here you want to go back to your branch you know what i am saying. yeah, they got the eye of the tiger. >> over here brilliant minds at work this is another activity the rocket design and launch, dave is one of the regional managers he joins me tell me about this activity. >> what the kids are doing is saving their water bottles from today and they are going to build rockets out of them and they can use the different colored tape and paper and colored cones at the top and then we are going to launch them and see how they fly later on. >> that is brilliant out of your own water bottle you used,
8:53 am
can anybody tell me about their design? >> i made mine out of the american flag >> i love the degree ration that is perfect for the nation -- decoration that is perfect for the nations capital. >> how does this work? >> we put a little bit of weight in the cones and that keeps it from tumbling when it gets into the air and then we put the cone on the water bottle and they put the wings on and stuff and they launch it with air. >> do you thing we should -- >> yes. >> all right let's go over to the launch pad normally they would launch these outside but we have a special permit this morning to do ours inside here and of course, the whole point of this, go ahead and let's see if we can launch it. >> two rockets here, ready to go. >> mm-hmm. >> and we are going to count down from 5, and then launch both of these rockets okay. >> ready. >> five, four, three, two, one. >> what did you thing of that?
8:54 am
>> that it was great. >> that was great. >> who likes science? hey, that is the whole point of it to get kids encouraged about math and science thank you our website we have a link to the ymca of greater washington happens to be celebrating its 160th year we will talk about that in our next hour do a lego drivers license and meet more inventors. back to you in studio. >> all right. >> thanks holly. >> occasionally we check with our former colleague, mark mccarthy. >> mark is living out in las vegas she is having a good time and working too. >> lark is going to join us live in our next hour. it is 6 minutes before 9 we will be right back 
8:55 am
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coming up 9:00 a.m. our facebook fan of the day, this is your day the day an though think tried a million 563,840,000,000 times he got through he got our attention and today you are our fan of the day congratulations good morning if you would like to be our fan of the day don't try 1.6 million times, post a comment under anthony's photo. we will pick you for friday. >> dr. oz looking for new guests if you have a serious health problem here is your chance the show's producers will be at landmark mall alexandria saturday talking with potential gets 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m., dr. oz won't be there but the producers will be there. you can start watching the show here on fox 5, september 12th. >> that is it for this hour
8:59 am
over to sarah and alison. all right thank you steve. >> here is a look at stories we are following for the 9:00 a.m. hour, big news out of red skins park as the team gets ready for camp albert haines worth bets the boot where he is going and the team's reaction. dave ross has it covered for us plus people are living longer these days and even working longer, for some, it is the stay busy for others it is a financial necessity. a very good friend to us here at fox 5 is looking into the trend for aarp tv lark mccarthy joins us live later to give us a preview of the high profile elderly people she has talked with about that recently >> you probably wouldn't believe it if we just told you so unfortunately there is video a guy jumps from a boat on top of a huge shark. why you ask? apparently he has a reason we are talking about that coming

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